TV Tuner Setup

  1. First, you need to have a TV tuner installed on your PC. This can either be a card or USB style tuner and can be picked up pretty cheap on eBay. For a full list of Windows 7 compatible TV tuners check out this page here:
    Windows 7 Compatibility Center : TV Tuners
  2. Start Windows Media Center (WMC) by going to the Start orbAll Programs, and open Windows Media Center.
  3. Navigate to Tasks, and select settings in WMC.
    Note: Once WMC is running, navigating WMC with a Windows Media Center Remote Control is the best way to experience WMC. You could also use your mouse to point and click or your keyboard’s arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to select.
  4. Select TV.
  5. Select Setup TV Signal.
  6. Select Next in the Set Up Your TV Signal section.
  7. Select Yes, use this region to configure TV services if the Region is correct and then select Next.
  8. WMC will download up-to-date TV setup options for your region.
  9. Select to Configure my TV signal automatically in the Automatic TV Signal Setup section and then select Next.
  10. WMC will scan for Cable, Satellite, and Antenna signals.
  11. If everything goes well WMC will pick up your connection(s). If everything is right, select Yes and then select Next.
  12. Let’s set up the Program Guide by selecting Next in the Programming Set Up Guide.
  13. Select Yes when WMC asks you if you want to use their guide.
  14. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Terms of Service, select I agree, and then select Next.
  15. Enter your ZIP code and then select Next.
  16. The programming guide for your ZIP/POST code will be downloaded from the internet.
  17. When the download is complete, select Next.
  18. If you’re using a digital antenna it’ll give you the option of adjusting your antenna and programming guide.
    Select Next.
  19. The next screen you'll see shows you all of the channels you could catch according to the programming guide you just downloaded.
    WMC will scan for every channel listed in the guide and tell you the signal strength of each. Uncheck each channel with a low signal so they don’t show up in the programming guide. You can also use the signal meter to adjust the antenna. Checked off channel are continuously scanned and updated for signal strength. Click Next when you’re done.
  20. That’s it! Select Finish and you’re done.
Select the program you want to watch and you’re in business!